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Svord Knifes - Peasant Mini Kitset 2.5" Knife - UK Legal carry knife

Bladed products are only available to buy if you are over 18 years old.

Price:12.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Svord Knifes - Peasant Mini Kitset 2.5
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Join the ranks of industrious fellow peasants who have taken it upon themselves to "pimp" the famous Peasant Knife. Perform a search on youtube to view other peasant's handiwork.

  • Length of Blade (inches): 2.5"
  • Handle Material: Steel
  • Steel Specifications: I5N20

    For your handle the world is your oyster! Use wood, bone, micarta, plastic etc. You will need 2x handle scales measuring 133mm x 35mm x 6.35 or 1/4". Have fun and don't forget to upload your masterpiece to youtube!

    Note: The picture shows the larger 3.1" version which is supplied with side plates. This 2.5" verion is essentially the same knife but scaled down. Because of the smaller size side plates are not used on the finished knives and so are not supplied in this kit

  • Price:12.95 (Including VAT at 20%)


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