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Knifebargains Closing Down Sale

Knifebargains Closing Down Announcement

6th January 2017 - Update:

Sue was cremated on 3rd January 2017, It was a small service with around 40 family members and close friends attending.

Our son Peter ( aged 17 ) has made a tribute page to her and there is the option to donate to World land trust which was her preferred charity. For anyone interested the page can be found by clicking here.

She was a truly special woman and will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

We will be accepting orders again until midnight on 31st Jan 2017. After this time the cart will be removed and you will not be able to place any further orders. Any remaining stock will then be donated to charities over the course of the next few weeks.

All orders received will be shipped as soon as possible but as there have been many further price reductions and lots of items are now being offered at well below cost we do have substantial shipping backlogs. We can no longer guarantee shipping timescales so if you need something for a particular deadline we would strongly advise ordering from an alternative supplier.

We will be providing limited email support till at least the end of February. After this we will publish a contacts list for the various manufacturers should you need to contact them regarding any warranty issues.

Many thanks for your kind messages of support. It has been a great pleasure to serve you over the past 13 years. We have made many good friends along the way.

The time has now come for me to move on, In the short term I will be spending some time in the mountains and helping various charities with fundraising, after that, who knows, I may even get chance to do some fishing again.



16 December 2016 - Update:

Sue passed away in the early hours of this morning. Her son Peter was with her and it was very quick and peaceful. Stephen and I had visited her only a few hours earlier, she seemed comfortable and pain free. Whilst this is a time of great sadness, there is relief in the knowledge that she is now at rest from this terrible disease.

Sue asked that there should be no flowers please but if anyone felt inclined they may wish to make a donation as they feel appropriate to World Land Trust ... Click here for details. This has been her preferred charity for many years.

Unfortunately we can no longer guarantee shipping timescales but all orders placed will be shipped as quickly as we can until we finish trading at the end of January.

Many thanks for your understanding and support at this difficult time.



10 December 2016 - Update:

Sue has today moved into the local hospice where she will receive the support and palliative care that she needs. She will be a lot more comfotable than we can make her at home.

Inevitably order shipping will be slower than normal, whilst we make no apologies for putting family first, orders will be sent as soon as is possible.

If you require something urgently, particularly for Christmas or for specific deadlines, then we strongly recommend that you use an alternative supplier.

In the meantime, please do take a look at the fantastic work and support provided by St Lukes Cheshire Hospice... Click here for details

Thanks for your patience and continued support.



18 November 2016 - Just a quick update:

Sadly Sue is now getting weaker and we have been told that the meds are no longer working to hold back the cancer. We will be closing the site soon but hope to have enough stock to trade until the end of January. We will post the exact date as soon as it has been decided.

Many items have of course already sold out but anything that you can still add to your cart is in stock so no need to email to check availability. (we always remove items as soon as they sell out).

In the meantime, prices are continually being reduced so we hope you will take the opportunity to grab a few final bargains.

Thanks again for your loyalty and continued support in this difficult time.



My partner, Sue, was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. We have therefore taken the decision to wind down the site and clear all of our remaining stock.

We still have several hundred items in stock that are awaiting listing. We expect to clear this backlog over the next couple of months. After that there will be no more new items.

In the meantime we are gradually reducing prices and clearing stock, though naturally only as fast as our packing staff can get your orders processed.

During this period we expect to be very busy shipping orders so if the shipping backlog ever exceeds 5 working days we will temporarily suspend ordering to allow staff to catch up and of course to avoid excessive shipping delays. All we ask is that if you need items quickly please select express carrier.

We hope you will take this final opportunity to grab some really great bargains. Many items have already been reduced to below trade cost and many more will follow just as fast as we can get your orders processed. Please don't delay though, as once its gone there really will be no more.

We are no longer replacing stock or accepting orders for non stock special order items but, as always, if you need an item that we don't have we will point you in the direction of a supplier if we can.

Once stocks have reduced sufficiently we will be donating any un-sold items to charities and clubs that actively support junior and disabled anglers. Once we have a closing date and before we finally close the site we will post a message on our home page with as much notice as possible.

All of our suppliers are now fully aware of the situation so rest assured that once we are no longer trading any outstanding warranty issues will be dealt with by the supplier / manufacturer. We will publish a full list of contact details when appropriate.

A personal Thank You to all our customers, friends, suppliers and staff for all your support and loyalty over the years.

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