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Kelly Kettle Pot Support (Fits all Kelly Kettle sizes)

Bladed products are only available to buy if you are over 18 years old.

Price:5.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Kelly Kettle Pot Support (Fits all Kelly Kettle sizes)
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This Pot Support lets you place the Kelly Cook Set on top of the Kettle as your water boils, thereby harnessing all the heat that is generated in the chimney and ensuring maximum fuel efficiency.

Even in a Storm the Kettle works remarkably well - hence the Pot-Support allows for an element of cooking even in extremely harsh weather conditions. If more fuel is required as you cook/boil up, simply remove your pot/pan using the gripper handle (all in our cook set) and feed additional fuel through the Pot Support. You don't need to remove the pot support from the chimney when refuelling.

When you have finished cooking, allow time for the pot-support to cool. Then it can be disassembled, flat-packed and inserted up the chimney of the kettle for transport.

Enjoy Eco-Friendly, Carbon Neutral cooking!
Only suitable for fast cooking items such as noodles, rice, oatmeal, soup, rehydrating food, re-heating etc.

Product Dimensions
  • Weight: 0.17 lb / 0.08 kg

    How is the kettle lifted on and off the fire base?

    This is the correct way to lift the Kelly Kettle clear of the fire base and flames:
  • 1. Hold the handle (with both hands) at an angle of 90 degrees to the body of the kettle.
  • 2. Lift the kettle straight up keeping the handle parallel to the ground. The weight of the kettle will ensure that the kettle remains upright and that no water will spill.
  • 3. Once the kettle is clear of the base & flames, you can hold the handle in one hand directly over the chimney of the kettle and easily carry the water to wherever it is needed.
  • 4. To pour the water, hold the handle in one hand and gently lift on the cork chain to pour.

    If more boiling water is needed, simply refill the kettle with cold water and gently place it back on the fire base - again using two hands as shown in the picture below. Refill the chimney with fuel and 'hey presto', your kettle will be boiled again in about 3-5 minutes.

    Note: Never put your hands or lift the handle directly over the chimney of the kettle when the kettle is lit, as it can result in a burn.

    How does the kettle work?

    Depending on the fuel you are using, the Kelly Kettle ® will boil water in 3 to 5 minutes. Made from Aluminium or Stainless Steel, it is essentially a double-walled chimney with the water contained in the chimney wall. Once the campkettle is filled with water, simply start a very small fire in the base, set the kettle on the base and drop additional fuel (twigs, leaves, grass, paper, etc.) down the chimney.

    The large internal surface area of the chimney heats the water very quickly. When the water boils, hold the Handle at an angle of 90° to the Kettle - then lift the kettle clear of the base.

    To pour, lift it by the handle and tilt it using the cork chain.

    If additional water is required, simply refill the kettle with water and place it back on the base when the fire is still burning. Refill the chimney with fuel and you can look forward to a second kettle full of boiling water within a matter of minutes. Our kettles work in even the most extreme weather conditions - in fact, they work better in wind so there is no need to find shelter when brewing up! Is this essential camping equipment? We think so!

    Note: When the kettle is in storage, the cork should be left out of the spout to allow air circulate in the water chamber


    Always remove the cork before lighting the kettle.
    The cork is only to be used for transporting cold water.
    The Water Spout should be free of ALL obstructions when the kettle is in use. Boiling the kettle with any obstruction in the water spout can result in a burn to the user or others in close proximity.
    Never use the kettle when the water chamber is empty.

  • Price:5.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


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